Great news! inQdo Cloud obtained the Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Competence in Juli 2020. This competence proves that we support our customers in planning, deploying, migrating and modernizing Windows workloads to AWS.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud web service (EC2) provides secure, scalable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make developing workloads easy.

AWS EC2 supports various Windows Server versions from 2003R2 up to the latest version Windows Server 2019 and has a deep integration with the other AWS services.


About the AWS Competency Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides scalable, flexible and cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. To support the seamless integration and implementation of these solutions, AWS has established the AWS Competency Program This program helps identify Consulting and Technology partners in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) with broad experience and expertise in specific industries or solutions.

To receive this status, APN partners must undergo a rigorous technical validation related to industry-specific technology and proven customer success.


Migrate Microsoft workloads with inQdo Cloud

inQdo Cloud can support your business in deploying and migrating your Microsoft workloads to build a flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective environment.

Our LandingZone ensures a quick start in AWS and our portal makes management simple. InQdo’s deeply AWS and Windows expertise helps and unburdens you with technical issues.

Looking for more scalability, cost savings or a shorter time-to-market? From whiteboard sessions to implementation, inQdo Cloud guides you through the transition to the AWS Cloud. We design, build and maintain high-quality solutions based on Amazon Web Services technology.

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