Tuesday, March 27th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its first office in Amsterdam. We were present and have some great behind the scenes material for you!

In 2015, Amazon opened its first office in the Netherlands. From this office, based in the Hague, the company supported its Amazon Web Services’ clients. The new office is located in ‘the Cloud’: a building very close to the Amsterdam Amstel Station. Amazon decided to expand to Amsterdam, because this city attracts more IT talents.

Kamini Aisola, head of AWS in the Benelux, commented in De Telegraaf:
‘Amsterdam is the city of innovation. You can tell by the companies and talent it attracts. At this moment, I can’t say anything about any potential plans the other Amazon divisions might have regarding this office.’

Innovation and cooperation

Werner Vogels (chief technology officer and vice president of Amazon.com) opened the event. He is responsible for the technological vision of the company and in his speech he shared AWS can keep on innovating because it always focuses on the end user.
Next, Kamini Aisola shared her vision regarding cooperating with Dutch clients, the Dutch entrepreneur mentality and power of innovation. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, special envoy of StartupDelta, also gave a presentation. Among other things, he spoke about the power of diversity at the office.
It was a very fun and inspiring evening, and we absolutely enjoyed being part of it!

Present for Amazon Web Services

As soon as we knew we were invited for the opening, we asked ourselves: what will we give this multinational company as a present?
We decided to film the event with the help of Maarten Tielemans and his team! We’ll give the video as a present to the AWS team as soon as it’s edited.
In the video, you’ll see images of the brand new office, the presentations of Kamini Aisola, Werner Vogels and Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, and something special: we put the spotlight on one of our own clients. We interviewed Michael Coster van Voorhout, Associate Director of (Zero)70 and asked him about his experience with AWS and inQdo as a AWS-partner.

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