Ben Buitendijk

August, 10, 2022 – My name is Ben Buitendijk, 30 years old and I am from Berkel & Rodenrijs, a village near Rotterdam. On August 1st 2022, I started as an AWS Cloud Engineer at inQdo Cloud, after a bootcamp aimed at the Cloud of five months. 

Until now, I have spent most of my life on music. I make electronic music and used to play in clubs and festivals on a weekly basis. Due to the covid pandemic, this came to a halt, which was a trigger to look beyond music.

I started by learning to program in Python, with the intention to work on this from 9:00 to 17:00 every day. Pretty soon, I was enjoying it so much that it was rather challenging to not spend my evenings on it as well. I’m analytically strong, which is the reason I wanted to get into data, however as most vacancies were aimed at the Cloud, I enrolled in a bootcamp to develop my Cloud skills. 

Besides that I also enjoy coming up with creative solutions, to dive into a new project, get stuck a couple times and finally the fulfilment when it all works! When I am making music, a lot of my creativity comes from limitations; how do you extract the most out of the available tools? It is nice to see the similarities with IT. I’m glad I have found something where I can use my creative energy.


Besides music, I have another hobby that got out of hand; simracing. Right now I have built quite a nice set up at home. When I am not racing myself, I love to watch all the classes from F1 to WRC. 


When I met the inQdo team for the first time, the open and easygoing atmosphere was apparent right away and now that my first few days have passed, that feeling has only been confirmed and grew stronger. I hope to be able to make a nice contribution to this organisation.

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