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inQdo Cloud is an Advanced Consulting partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are specialists in cloud migrations, creating digital workplaces, the DevOps method, SAP workloads on AWS, Immersion Day workshops and migrating Windows workloads to the cloud. Plus, we are also an AWS Marketplace Consulting partner. Read more about our specializations here.
inQdo Cloud AWS Consulting Partner competenties
When an organization decides to migrate to a cloud environment, it’s a big step. Is it time for you to move to the AWS cloud? We can help you get there.
DevOps is our way of working. For your product and services development, inQdo Cloud gives you tailor-made, tried-and-true CI/CD methods.
How does having your whole workplace any time, anywhere, on any device sound? Put your end users in the driver’s seat with a digital workplace on AWS. The experts of inQdo Cloud can tell you how.
More and more companies are choosing to move their heavy SAP systems to the cloud. If you want to improve the structure and automation of your business processes, AWS can take you to the next level.
The AWS marketplace is a digital software catalog in which you can find all the AWS-related services and products you’re looking for. It makes finding, testing, buying and implementing them a snap.
Are you considering moving your Microsoft Windows workloads to the cloud? inQdo Cloud knows how, so why not let us take you there?
As Immersion Day partner, inQdo Cloud is certified for giving workshops on all the content and tools developed by the experts of AWS, selected and tailored to meet the needs of your business.
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