Deploy applications fast and flexibly

Are you already using the DevOps method for your cloud infrastructure? DevOps for cloud computing gives you the ability to deploy applications fast and flexibly and to manage the AWS cloud.

The DevOps competence is built on three fundamental principles:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Monitoring, logging and performance
  • Infrastructure as Code

The advantages of DevOps for cloud computing

inQdo Cloud has the chops in DevOps, and we work with our customers to get them the most out of the AWS cloud: in part, by delivering optimized deployment processes on AWS infrastructure, monitoring and optimizing costs, and setting up an optimized “Landing ZoneinQdo Cloud Landing Zone” as the home base for the cloud environment – always in accordance with AWS best practices. We can also put our cloud engineers on your Scrum teams or contribute to your Agile processes in other ways, so you can be sure that our AWS expertise is always within reach and bringing the knowledge level of your own teams to a higher level.

DevOps - AWS-competentie - inQdo Cloud
Our AWS DevOps competence enables us to:
Optimize the architecture and management of your infrastructure
Implement application code
Set up automated deployments of your applications
Give you maximum automation of the software release process
Monitor the performance of your AWS environment on an ongoing basis, so we can keep optimizing it
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