AWS workshops for your organization

As Immersion Day partner, inQdo Cloud is certified by Amazon Web Services to give in-depth technical AWS workshops. Along with this status comes access to an extensive library of AWS training materials and content for workshops and hands-on labs. That means we can deliver high-quality workshops and demonstrations, at an advanced level, on demand, via remote sessions or on location.

What can inQdo Cloud mean for your organization?

The objective of the workshops is twofold: to determine whether in your specific situation the AWS services can be used to your advantage, and to build up the knowledge of these services within your organization. Under some conditions, in order to develop the relevant AWS services into a Proof of Concept we can get AWS credit, so we can give you this POC with a minimum of investment on your part. Additionally, when we need to we can quickly call in relevant AWS Solution Architects and Subject Matter Experts to add extra knowledge and value to the sessions.

inQdo Cloud, Immersion Day Partner
Examples of Immersion Day sessions we can facilitate:
Containerization (EKS/ECS)
Application Modernization
Cost Optimization
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