Migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS

Are you considering moving your Microsoft Workloads to the cloud?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports any Microsoft solution. Moving your Microsoft Workloads to the AWS cloud can help your organization immediately take advantage of things like scalability, high availability and global presence for your applications and workloads.

Why Microsoft Workloads on AWS with inQdo Cloud?

Besides being a certified AWS professional, our inQdo Cloud team has the in-depth knowledge of most Microsoft/Windows applications to help you migrate these workloads. But our knowledge is not just limited to Microsoft applications and services: we can also guide you through the daunting task of Microsoft Licensing and optimization.

As an AWS Advanced Partner that has earned the DevOps, SAP and Digital Workplace competencies, we have a proven track record of migrating and deploying Windows workloads to AWS.

Our AWS experts can assist you in the actual design, planning, migration and cost optimization phases, but we also offer support and services after deploying your workloads to AWS.

inQdo Cloud Amazon EC2 Microsoft Windows Server partner
What can we do for you?
- Migrating Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2016 and 2019

- Migrating Windows Applications

- Moving Legacy Windows Applications to the cloud using AppStream 2.0
- Migrating Microsoft SQL Server to EC2 or RDS

- Migrating IIS (web)services to AWS

- Migrating .NET based applications

- Supporting Microsoft workloads

- Optimizing Microsoft workloads

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