Serverless computing

With Serverless and AWS Lambda you can focus on the core of your applications, the actual code. AWS automatically handles provisioning, scaling and managing the underlying infrastructure and you only pay what you use. Be it a single process that performs a task every hour, or maybe thousands of concurrent invocations of your function code. Lambda can handle it. It lets you run just about any code effortlessly and can even run your containers.

There are however many caveats in designing for and implementing Serverless architecture. This is where inQdo Cloud can help.

What can inQdo Cloud do for you?

Our cloud team can assist with the design and implementation of fully serverless applications, or you can let us do everything for you.

Maybe you already have serverless workloads and want us to help you optimize it, or provide a second opinion on its implementation? Or, you have a monolithic/legacy application that you want to refactor to serverless, maybe even into microservices?

inQdo Cloud can help and we’ll work with you and your teams to find and implement the right fit for your code and workloads.

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