AWS Landingzone

The AWS LandingZone is a preconfigured, secure AWS environment, based on the AWS Well Architected Framework and further expanded thanks to our knowledge and best practices.

The AWS LandingZone is further developed in sprints and complemented with the latest AWS services and provides a stable base for your environment in the AWS Cloud. It is the starting point of your migration to the cloud and offers a uniform, controlled and above all secure basic platform for all further steps in the AWS cloud.

Why a LandingZone?

  • Secure & compliant: conforms to increasingly strict security and audit requirements of organizations when it comes to data and services in the cloud
  • Scalable & resilient: it’s able to support highly available and scalable workloads
  • Adaptable & flexible: it’s able to anticipate to changes.

inQdo Cloud offers the AWS LandingZone for a fixed price.

inQdo Cloud Portal

The inQdo Cloud Portal is a portal to ease time-consuming tasks in your AWS environment and prevent administrators from having to explore all AWS services and console options to manage their AWS environment.

Current modules include:

  • A GUI backup service for your EC2 instances for your administrators to easily backup and manage in the cloud
  • A GUI scheduler to manage EC2 instances and the uptime of RDS databases, allowing you to optimize operating costs by scheduling designated instances and databases to run only when needed
  • AWS Workspaces and AppStream management. To help you manage, implement and monitor your AWS Digital Workplace (end user computing) services such as Workspaces and AppStream, inQdo has designed a GUI frontend for daily administrative tasks of EUC services. Your administrators or end users can easily manage these services without access to the AWS console.


We can help you automate all your daily tasks such as:

  • backups
  • schematics
  • taking snapshots automatically
  • updates
  • CI / CD deployment pipelines.

By automating these tasks, you can focus on your core tasks.

Reselling AWS-services

inQdo Cloud is a reseller for AWS services. We aim for optimal cooperation and we make clear agreements about expectations, response times, resolution times and reports.

Our reselling offer offers the following advantages:

  • You will receive a monthly invoice in Euro from inQdo Cloud for all your purchased AWS services
  • You benefit from our partnership with AWS, which means we can offer you a competitive price for your AWS services
  • You have access to the inQdo Cloud Service Desk and our Cloud Management Tool, CloudCheckr; this cloud management tool continuously monitors and analyzes your AWS environment in areas such as cost, security, compliance and usage
  • inQdo Cloud offers standard, advanced and enterprise packages.
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