Cloud security

Application and data security in the public cloud becomes a big risk the minute you don’t take the subject seriously. And the consequences can be severe, from unauthorized access, deletion or distribution of your confidential data to a cripplingly expensive monthly AWS bill.

The security of your accounts, data, applications, code and underlying platforms is a responsibility shared between AWS as a cloud provider and you as the customer.
AWS has to deliver the security “of” the cloud, but you are responsible for the security “in” the cloud. Now, would you be interested to know that that’s a responsibility we will be happy to share with you?

Just how good is the security of your Amazon Web Services environment? Find out with the Security Scan.

Together we make your cloud environment secure

Our Security Scan is a detailed and automated analysis of your AWS cloud environment against over 600 relevant best practices in AWS security. And for over 60 AWS services, we also check whether they are architectured in accordance with best practices. inQdo Cloud conducts this scan in close collaboration with Trend Micro.

inQdo Cloud Security Scan
Quick Start Program

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Here’s how it works
We check your AWS environment, focusing on your workloads, applications, storage and containers.
In our analysis we use over 600 out-of-the-box rules based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
After the Security Scan, you receive a detailed report of the results.
Our AWS-certified consultants brief you on the improvements we can implement.
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