Get a grip on your cloud expenses

Do you know how your AWS cloud environment is set up and what your monthly costs are? With the Cloud Cost Optimization Scan you can find out both, and see exactly where you can save money.

Within AWS there are several ways you can purchase your cloud capacity, like “on demand” – whenever you need it – or, for a lower cost, in the form of “reservations” based on your expected expenses.

The cost optimization scan from inQdo Cloud

We advise you to monitor your cloud expenses continuously, and inQdo Cloud’s AWS experts can help you do that. With our Cost Optimization service, we make sure that you keep your costs as low as possible and that you’re only paying for what you actually need. We perform the Cost Optimization Scan in cooperation with our partner CloudCheckr.

Our detailed analysis tells you specific things that your organization can do to optimize: like smart purchasing of AWS services, leveraging the pay-per-use models to your advantage, optimizing resources, and standardizing workloads and infrastructure.

Cost Optimization Scan-CloudCheckr
How it works
We scan your current AWS environment using a selection of tools.
An AWS-certified consultant reviews and refines the analysis results. We then produce a report on your organization and your specific situation.
You get detailed recommendations about where your organization can save money.
We walk you through the recommendations of the report and tailor your cloud environment to give you a continuous overview of the situation and keep control of the costs.
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