The foundation of your cloud environment

Migrating workloads to the cloud? Developing new services in AWS? If you’re looking for a soft landing in AWS, look no further than the inQdo Cloud Landing Zone. It’s where we are helping organizations like yours roll out fully automated, uniform account and cloud infrastructure as the foundation for AWS workloads and applications.

Alongside the basic account structure, the Landing Zone also means automated configuration of most AWS services, so your company can focus on its own applications and workloads. The configuration of these services happens fully through infrastructure as code, so the result is a clear, self-documenting and reproducible infrastructure.

What is it?

The inQdo Cloud Landing Zone is made up of a combination of AWS services and custom-made inQdo tools, and gives you a preconfigured, secure AWS environment based on the best practices of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Although the workloads and AWS services used may be different in each environment, any organization will benefit from a standardized and secure base configuration of their AWS platform. The Landing Zone is built of one or more AWS accounts with a configuration for securing your IT infrastructure, identity and access management, governance, data security, network topology and logging.

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Advantages of a Landing Zone
Secure & Compliant
- Meets the security and audit requirements for data and services in the cloud
- Based on AWS best practices
Scalable & Flexible
- Saves time in the setup of new services and workloads
- Easy to add new AWS services and accounts
- Stable basis for future growth
- Helps you see changes coming ahead of time
Cost Savings
- Save development time and money by using ready-made infrastructure building blocks
- Monitoring and recommendations for optimizing and rightsizing your environment
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