Online wachtrij

Online queue during COVID-19

Finally… The COVID-19 measures are being eased. You can welcome your customers again. But if everyone approaches your IT-systems at the same time, it can lead to disruptions. Controlled online queues You can use a queue to provide controlled access. This allows you to give your customers step-by-step access in a pre-conceived way to arrange…

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re:invent 2019

AWS re:Invent 2019

re:Invent 2019, the annual Amazon Web Services event took place again from 2 to 6 December in Las Vegas. This year too, inQdo Cloud was present, Dennis van Bavel and Corné van der Steen traveled to Las Vegas on behalf of inQdo Cloud. Keynotes re:Invent Like every year there were a number of keynotes which…

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SSL Certificates

Upcoming Changes to SSL Certificates in Amazon SQS

Amazon Web Services has an upcoming change that could impact your communication with AWS services. Please read the below communication from AWS and take appropriate actions. If you are unsure about how or what to do in your specific case, please reach out to our support staff at We’re happy to help! Update certificate…

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AWS Cloudsearch data

Export and import AWS Cloudsearch data

AWS CloudSearch is a highly scalable and reliable solution to implement search in your application or website. You can feed your search data into the service and never have to worry about performance or in any way scaling it to fit your needs. AWS CloudSearch supports about 34 languages and features such as highlighting, autocomplete…

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How to setup SSO (Single Sign-On) between AWS and Google Apps

In this blog, you’ll learn how to configure Single Sign-On between Google Apps and the Amazon Web Services console. When you have completed the steps in this guide, you can use your Google Apps account to sign in to the Amazon Web Service console. By: Dennis van Bavel 1. Collect data from Google Apps account…

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AWS opened Amsterdam office

Tuesday, March 27th, Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its first office in Amsterdam. We were present and have some great behind the scenes material for you! In 2015, Amazon opened its first office in the Netherlands. From this office, based in the Hague, the company supported its Amazon Web Services’ clients. The new office is…

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AWS Global infrastructure

AWS explained: global infrastructure

In the last article we talked about the basics of cloud computing and we examined some of the core concepts of AWS. Now that we understand this, we can go into more detail. We will explain what makes AWS truly global and how that helps us to build fault tolerant and scalable infrastructure. By: Mijndert…

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AWS Explained

AWS explained: the basics

By using the cloud we can go from “my other computer is a data centre” to “my other computer is someone else’s data centre”. By: Mijndert Stuij What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is an IT paradigm which enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of resources such as networking, compute power, storage, applications, and services.…

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