What are APIs?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become the standard way of connecting applications, data and devices. The technique of exchanging data is made easier by APIs, even across the boundaries of organizations. The use of APIs makes it easier to interact thanks to common standards and protocols.

Why APIs?

  • Link systems easily thanks to APIs
    The application that offers APIs has defined how data goes in/out of the application. You just need to connect to this.
  • Share data with APIs
    Data is the new gold and you want to use it well. So you ensure that the data is shared securely. APIs allow you to share data with partners, customers or suppliers faster, easier and cheaper.
  • Screen scraping? Time for an API!
    By carefully considering who gets which data and in what quantities, you keep control over your applications. You can decide who gets which data, that the correct data is shared and that you can intervene in this process if necessary.
  • Insight into data
    You increase insight into the use of data and you know who has access to your data. This allows you to make decisions about this.

The advantages of inQdo API Management for you:

  • Cost reduction
    API Management means configuration instead of programming. This is faster, easier and more maintainable. In addition, APIs are easily reusable, reducing overall life cycle costs of APIs.
  • Use of ecosystems
    Offering APIs to third parties/using APIs offers your organization new opportunities.
  • Increase in turnover
    APIs ensure that your data can be used easily and securely by third parties. This offers you opportunities to enter new markets.
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