What is inQdo connect?

inQdo connect is the integration platform of inQdo. State of the art technology with standard connectors and coupling sizes, including API Management.

  • State of the art technology
    Software AG’s webMethods Suite, recognized as a leader by market analysts, forms the basis of inQdo connect. All integration scenarios between both modern and legacy systems are possible. The AWS infrastructure is used for this. This makes the platform scalable, secure and high available.
  • Full service offer
    Including all infrastructure, software, monitoring and proactive support.
  • Transparent pay as you go model
    You pay for what you use (and no more)

Why an integration platform?

Because it can seamlessly string together your application landscape. An integration platform, such as inQdo connect, connects the following systems, among others:

  • ERP systems
  • CRM systems
  • WMS systems
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Legacy systems

We do this by using:

  • Standard connectors
  • Various linking formats including JSON, XML, flat files, EDI(FACT), IDocs
  • APIs

What does inQdo connect do for you?

inQdo offers you a full service solution, consisting of:

  • All necessary software (including the webMethods Suite from Software AG)
  • Modern AWS infrastructure and services
  • Advanced proactive monitoring, including monitoring dashboard
  • Management (including patches, updates and security)
  • Support from our office in Nieuwegein
  • We offer this full service solution at a monthly price based on usage.

inQdo connect is an ideal solution for companies that want to keep their IT environment clear. This ensures that you can easily implement changes in your IT landscape.

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