Peter: Our new integration specialist

March, 16th, 2023 – Let me introduce myself: my name is Peter Karsten. I am 30 years old, and I live in Leiden. Since March 1, I joined inQdo as a junior integration specialist, and I am looking forward to learning a lot in the time to come. In my spare time, I spend time…

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Mustafa: Our new Support Consultant

January 10th, 2023 – Let me introduce myself: my name is Mustafa Sahinci. I am 29 years old and I am from Nieuwegein. On January 2, I started working as a Support Consultant at inQdo Integration. After working in logistics for more than 10 years, it was time for a career switch to IT! Before…

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Ferdi: our new Integration Specialist

November, 14, 2022 – Let me introduce myself: my name is Ferdi Hellemons. On the 1st of November this year I started at inQdo in the role of Integration specialist. Having worked for the same employer for 15 years in various roles (from development to management), it was time for a new challenge. The past…

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Jeroen: joining Integration Specialist

October, 4, 2022 – Let me introduce myself: My name is Jeroen van Zwam. Since 1999 I have had several IT related roles.  On the 3th of October this year  I started at inQdo in the role of Integration specialist. In 2007 my partner and I found our ‘forever home’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, only 5 minutes…

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Kenny: our new Integration Support Consultant

April 19th, 2022 – I’m Kenny Vaas and I started April 11th at inQdo Integration as a Support Consultant. I’m 31 years old and I live in Almere. Previously I worked for a company specializing in software for clothing retailers, where I started as a first-line service desk employee. As time passed I took on…

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Fred Bruis - Teammanager Operations - inQdo

Fred: our new Team Manager Operations

October 12, 2021 – As inQdo’s newest addition, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Fred Bruis and I have been working in the wonderful world of IT for over 20 years now. Since 1 October I’m the new Team Manager Operations. I have been living in Culemborg for 1.5 years with my…

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Why should you start using APIs?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become the standard tool for achieving quick and smooth communication between software programs. Today they are being used to get applications, data and devices talking to each other. But what should you be using APIs for? And why is it important to develop an API strategy? Businesses connecting different systems…

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API's: wat is het en wat zijn de voordelen?

APIs: what are they and what are their advantages?

What are APIs? How do you get different applications and devices communicating with each other? And how does data get from one place to the other? Application programming interfaces, or APIs, have become the standard tool used to enable software programs to communicate with each other smoothly and easily. An API connection works like a…

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Nicky: our new Support Consultant

May 14, 2021 – My name is Nicky, 27 years old and I live in Houten. I love gaming and mainly play Role Playing Games, also known as RPGs, but I’m not averse to shooting or fighting (I’m talking about games of course). If I can’t be found at my pc, then you can most…

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inQdo ISAE 3402 type 2 gecertificeerd

inQdo awarded ISAE 3402 certification for fourth year in a row

inQdo has earned its ISAE 3402 type II certification for the fourth year in a row – a fantastic achievement, of which we are very proud! The Risklane organization once again supported inQdo in the certification process. The audit was executed by Conclude Accountants. Why ISAE 3402 type II certification? Organizations which outsource their IT-related…

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Stefan-inQdo Integratie

Stefan: our new colleague at inQdo Integration

19 January 2021 – Hello! My name is Stefan, 31 years old and live in Almere. I’m a real game geek and love games in which I end up completely in a different world, but also strategic games where I have to put the gray matter in my head to work. I also like to…

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inQdo takes next step in their transition

November 2 2020 – Thanks to the growth of recent years, inQdo opted in October 2019 for the stronger positioning of its two activities: inQdo B.V. for integration solutions and inQdo Cloud B.V. for AWS cloud solutions. At the time, we also decided to appoint a management team with the business lines managers cloud and…

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Waarom organisaties API's

Why are more and more organizations using APIs?

The term “API” is coming up more and more in companies that need to organise data. And yet, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what it means to start using APIs. In this blog, we will be showing you the value that APIs can add for companies and individual departments. Whether it’s data…

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Why run an integration platform on the AWS Cloud?

Would you run an integration platform on Amazon Web Services? Of course you would! We’ve been doing this for years and we’re very pleased with this combination. Last Thursday, we shared our excitement at the Dutch webMethods User Group customer event and our enthusiasm was adopted immediately. Our message: the Cloud isn’t as scary as is sometimes…

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Canonical model: hiermee voorkom je spaghetti in je ESB

In de vorige blogpost bespraken we dat je met een ESB kan voorkomen dat je ict-landschap verandert in een wirwar van verbindingen en applicaties. Maar hoe voorkom je nu dat de ESB zélf verandert in een spaghetticode vol onduidelijke verbindingen? Wij gebruiken hiervoor het canonical model. In een canonical model leg je vast hoe je…

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Docker containers

Containerizing your integration: Docker with an ESB?

Of one the newer “hypes” around development and operations is Docker, a tool that can be used to “containerize” your processes or programs as to manage, deploy and secure them more easily. In this post we’ll go over what Docker can do if you combine it with your ESB. If you’d like to know more…

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An Integration Server running in a container

Ever since our last blogpost we’ve been working on getting (most of) Software AG’s products to run in Docker containers. The best starting point would be the Integration Server as this is the actual brains of the operation, so we did just that. In this blog post we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts, our progress…

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API Gateway

What is an API Gateway?

An API Gateway provides central management of, and access to all APIs that the organization wants to make available to its customers or partners. This is not programming but configuration. Why an API Gateway? You are in control of the use and security of data You make it easier for users of APIs by providing…

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