October, 4, 2022 – Let me introduce myself: My name is Jeroen van Zwam. Since 1999 I have had several IT related roles.  On the 3th of October this year  I started at inQdo in the role of Integration specialist. In 2007 my partner and I found our ‘forever home’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, only 5 minutes walk away from THE ‘Bossche Bollen’ bakery.

Previously I worked as a programmer, analyst, technical consultant and manager. The common denominator of these roles was software for logistic processes. I derive the most pleasure when I’m analysing and solving technical challenges which need some research in order to design a fitting solution. At inQdo I will strengthen the Design Team using a structured approach, my integration knowledge and my perseverance.

Mechatronica and more

Besides work I also have a number of other activities. For example, my girlfriend and I like to travel and visit a pub or a restaurant. I also spend a lot of time tinkering with mechatronics (combination of mechanic, electronic and computer engineering) which I do at a maker space where more tinkerers, but also professionals, are working.

I’m really looking forward to getting started on one of the inQdo projects!

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