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About Aviko

Aviko is part of food concert Royal Cosun, and it’s the largest potato processing company in the Netherlands. Its headquarters are located in Steenderen, but the organization operates globally.

For the China factories, the company faced a big challenge in 2016: the Enterprise IT needed to be professionalized. Aviko wanted to run a copy of the Dutch SAP system in China, but this seemed impossible because of the ‘Great Chinese Firewall’.

The challenge

The Great Chinese Firewall is a collective name for all kinds of laws and regulations set up by the Chinese government, to regulate the internet. This firewall influences the connectivity and speed when connecting to and from China.

Because of the firewall, Aviko’s employees continually lost their connection with the SAP system. Therefore, the organization wanted to realize a stabilized solution, but this seemed a challenge. In addition, the new system needed to be delivered within three weeks, as new Chinese employees would start by the end of that timeframe.

The solution

Hosting the system from the Netherlands wasn’t an option, because of the firewall. Realizing a private data center in China also wasn’t possible. However, the system cóuld run in the AWS cloud in Beijing with our help.

Amazon Web Services is familiar with China and its political situation: the hosting party has multiple data centers throughout China. This was therefore an ideal solution for Aviko’s challenge!

To transfer a functioning copy of the SAP system to China, we significantly scaled down the European system. Data that was only relevant for Europe, was removed. Next, the system was tested, copied and set up in China.

Now, Aviko was almost finished to start working with its new SAP system. A number of licenses needed to be transferred to China and the connection between China and The Netherlands had to be adjusted. To realize this, some adjustments were made in the core of SAP.

The result

Aviko’s Chinese version of SAP was fully operable within the deadline. Now, all processes work within China, whole China and the Netherlands have insight in the stocks of all Chinese factories, and Chinese employees can use the many possibilities of Aviko’s ERP system.
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