About ChemicaInvest

ChemicaInvest Holding (CIH) is a joint venture between CVC Capital Partners and DSM (65%/35%). Three former units of DSM are Aliancys, AnQore en Fibrant. CIH wished to privatize these companies and disconnect them from DSM. This led to a very complex carve-out scenario, in which the three organizations set up their own (joint) IT environment. Also, ongoing processes were adopted from the DSM environment. We were asked to migrate the connections between ChemicaInvest and her customers & suppliers, from DSM to inQdo connect.

The challenge

In 2016 and 2017, ChemicaInvest wished to privatize and disconnect the company units Aliancys, AnQore and Fibrant from DSM. In addition, this required the IT environments would be released from DSM.

ChemicaInvest found itself in a very complex carve-out scenario, in which the three former DSM company units set up their own IT environment and ongoing processes from the DSM environment were adopted.

We were asked to migrate the connections between ChemicaInvest and her customers & suppliers from DSM to inQdo connect. This migration decreased the complexity of the initially very complex SAP re-hosting project.

The solution

To gain the best possible result, we used our enterprise integration solution inQdo connect. inQdo connect manages the internal and external data exchange between company IT systems. We began the project based on a full-service concept; taking care of all maintenance activities.

We adapted and rebuilt existing interfaces, making it possible to remove all organically constructed complexity. During the project, we used the most recent version of webMethods (the Enterprise Service Bus on which inQdo connect is built).

ChemicaInvest heavily relies on the reliability of the platform: all integrations have to continually support the company processes of ChemicaInvest, without downtime. We realized this with Amazon Web Services. Also, we used our product inQdo essentials to send notifications to the key-users within ChemaInvest if undesired situations occur. With inQdo essentials, these key-users will be informed of these situations in a short period of time.

With the inQdo connect way-of-working (based on agile/scrum), we delivered the end-to-end tested and working interfaces in short cyclic iterations. With our way-of-working, we could quickly and reliably realize sets of interfaces, including adjusting it to the requirements of the (external) partner.

The result

In one months’ time span, we realized a dedicated integration platform for ChemicaInvest’s three company units. During this month, we implemented and put live interfaces in periods of three weeks’ lead time.

With inQdo connect and the inQdo team, ChemicaInvest is ready for a next phase in its carve-out scenario, and it’s prepared for any future integration requirements.

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