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About HvA

Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) connects work fields, disciplines and people in and around Amsterdam. The institution offers students and employees all kinds of facilities to develop their skills related to studies and work. The HvA required an optimization of the registration of its (international) students, e.g. regarding their housing and legal residence. Also, the institution introduced the support of digital meetings for its employees. We supported the institution in both fields.

The challenge

To realize its requirements, HvA implemented Brein’s business system InProces as a SaaS-solution. InProces supports the full process of digital registrations, process-oriented support, management and decision making into one system.

The InProces business system would lead to process optimization if it featured real-time delivery of (updates on) student related data (such as personal data, registrations and previously completed studies), events (such as (un)subscriptions, passing, change of nationality) and data of employees from the HvA source systems.

In addition, the progress of a specific case in InProces related to one student had to be made visible in real-time, with status updates in the source system of student data SiS/Peoplesoft CS.

The solution

inQdo implemented an integration solution (service bus SAP PI) to realize the data exchange. This service bus connects the source systems of student’s and employee’s data, SiS and SAP HR, and the InProces business system as SaaS.

To synchronize (updates of) data between source systems and the InProces business system, various webservices and relevant connections were developed and implemented on SAP PI. In addition, we implemented specific network architecture (VPN) to keep reliable and secure connections between HvA private domain, SAP PI AWS domain and the InProces SaaS domain.

The result

Processes related to registrations of (international) students are optimized. Data is exchanged optimally, with (updates of) data being synchronized reliably and securely.
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