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About Innovam

Innovam offers trainings for the automotive sector. The organization aims to improve the quality of the sector and wants to contribute to a strong collaboration between vocational education and the labor market. Regarding trainings, Innovam focuses on:

  • (company) cars and technique
  • (after)sales
  • management and HRM

The challenge

Innovam’s application landscape heavily leaned on one ERP system that managed all backoffice processes. Changes in this system were costly and time consuming, making Innovam less flexible. Futhermore, it took a long time before changes could be made within the organization; this was inefficient, because over time the mobility sector required the firm to be ever more flexible.

Innovam reached out to us regarding the implementation and management of an integration solution, making its landscape evolving into a best-of-breed application landscape that could run both (back office) applications for students as for employees.

The solution

Our solution consisted of:

  • the on premise installation and management of the integration platform (webMethods) to be able to realize a best-of-breed scenario.
  • the transition of the integration’s platform from on premise to the AWS cloud, making the platform more flexible.
  • the daily maintenance of the integration platform and data flows, by the inQdo Operations team.

The result

Innovam can easily add and remove applications within its application landscape. This makes it easier for the company to meet the demand of the mobility sector, resulting in a positive long-term effect.
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