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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is one of the major universities in Europe. The UvA asked us to transfer the hosting of its integration platform. This migration project had to be carried out in a short time span, ensuring the continuity of the platform.

The challenge

The UvA’s former external supplier stopped hosting its integration platform and time table system. We were asked to take over this service, ensuring the continuity of the platform. The project had to be carried out in a very short time span.

The solution

During the migration project, we upgraded the integration platform towards the most recent version. Regarding the migration of the time table system, we chose to perform activities which increased the stability and operational security.

inQdo took care of the hosting and the technical maintenance of the SAP Process Integration and the time table application SyllabusPlus. Also, we carried out all support related activities which ensured the systems worked correctly.

We support(ed) the UvA with all its integration projects.

The result

The migration project is completed successfully. The integration platform is upgraded towards the most actual version and all systems work as desired.
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