Raf Rasenberg, inQdo Cloud

Hi! I’m Raf, 26 years old and born in Breda. I’m a big lover of back-end, cloud, and anything DevOps related. Besides being a low-key geek, I have a big passion for fitness. Taking care of my health and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for me. Fighting bugs during the day, fighting weights in the night!

I’m originally from a non-technical background and I lived 3,5 years in Budapest where I studied International Economics. I was looking for a way to work remotely from there and thus I started out making simple marketing websites 4 years ago. Throughout the time I self-taught myself programming. Over time the projects I did, got increasingly larger, more varied, and more complex.

At inQdo Cloud I can do what I love

This year I took the next step in my career, by starting at InQdo Cloud. I can do what I love here daily and fully focus on back-end and cloud development. Perfect!

The team is amazing and there are a lot of things to be learned, which keeps things challenging. Besides building great solutions for our clients, I will focus on getting some cloud and DevOps certifications as well since InQdo Cloud offers the appropriate space for
their employees to do so.

I’m super stoked for this year!

iso 27001 & isae 3402 inQdo BV

simplifying cloud and integration together

inQdo B.V.

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+31 85 2011161