Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the leaders of countries in Europe where the most data leaks are reported? In 2019, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) received almost 27,000 data breach reports compared to 2018, an increase of 29%. That year the AP received a quarter more reports of hacking, phishing or malware incidents. Larger organizations, which process the personal data of many people in particular, seem to be targeted.

Dag van de privacy - data encryptie

Happy Data Protection Day

January 28, 2021 – Today is Data Protection Day. A great moment as a company and person to dwell on your (online) privacy. Data Protection Day has existed since 2007 and was created to better inform citizens about the protection of their personal data and how to improve it. In this article we share 4 tips to improve your online privacy.

1. Read carefully and take a critical look at what is being asked

What data do you put online and why? It doesn’t hurt to go through the privacy settings of online accounts once in a while. It is important to read the terms and conditions and not just agree. Sift through the main lines and the summary for any critical intel. Then adjust your privacy settings if desired.

2. Secure your online accounts properly

How have you currently secured your accounts? Choose strong passwords and protect your passwords properly via a password manager. This is a digital ‘safe’ where you can store all your passwords and usernames. Examples of reliable password managers are 1Password, Onesafe or LastPass. Use two-step verification that adds an extra layer of security to different accounts.

3. Make use of data encryption

What information flows do you have within your organization and what is the destination? Who has access to this information? Where is the information stored and how is it transferred? These are some questions to get a good picture of the information flows within your organization and to build privacy in your business processes. Most companies use encryption to protect sensitive data on servers and databases.

Data is constantly moving from user to data center and back again, such as mail traffic or traffic between your site and the cloud provider (data in transit). Data is also stored in, for example, a database (data at rest). With encryption you can prevent sensitive information or data from being viewed, hacked or stolen. Encryption is the transformation of a readable format of data, such as payment data or personal information, into an encrypted format that can only be read or processed via a special key. Without this key, the information is useless.

4. AWS privacy tooling

At inQdo Cloud we use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and your privacy is important. With AWS, you can rely on the most secure global infrastructure, knowing that you always own your data, including the ability to encrypt, move, and store it. In addition, all data flowing across the AWS global network connecting their data centers and regions is automatically encrypted on the physical layer before leaving the secure facilities. There are also additional layers of encryption; for example TLS connections.

Did you know that AWS offers useful tools that guarantee good privacy? Below are a few examples of privacy tools:

  • Amazon Macie a machine learning tool that supports viewing and securing personal data in Amazon S3.
  • With Amazon Inspector companies get an automated security service that helps improve application security and compliance.
  • AWS Config Rules is a monitoring service that assesses cloud resources for compliance with security rules.

Need help with setting up the correct privacy settings in the cloud?

Do you want to transfer your files to the cloud and are you unsure about the security of your data? Or do you have other bottlenecks that you encounter? Every day we at inQdo Cloud deal with privacy issues within our clients’ projects. We are happy to help you with questions that you do not yet have an answer to. We like to discuss how we can help you to optimally deal with the privacy of your users.

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