APIs form the basis for new business models. Whether it is about data and services in web apps, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors or other touch points. With an end-to-end API Management platform you can securely and reliably share your APIs with (external) developers and manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs.

The role of APIs

The role of APIs is extensive, because APIs are the link that keeps our digital ecosystem together. They are just as important to consumers as suppliers, and they are now also a new channel for products and services. Thousands of app developers can innovate with your APIs, just as you can innovate with theirs. For an API strategy to be successful, organizations must manage the entire process of designing, developing, implementing, versioning, and running down APIs.Both SMEs and multinationals use APIs to:

  • to reach new markets
  • create new income streams
  • and quickly engage external partners.

API user cases are in fact simple extensions of web, mobile and cloud-based apps. Such digital interfaces require their own life cycle. As companies increase their participation in the API economy, they ultimately realize that API Management must rise above the technical details, because APIs themselves become critical business tools. The real value in API Management is therefore managing the business activities themselves.


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