Would you run an integration platform on Amazon Web Services? Of course you would! We’ve been doing this for years and we’re very pleased with this combination. Last Thursday, we shared our excitement at the Dutch webMethods User Group customer event and our enthusiasm was adopted immediately. Our message: the Cloud isn’t as scary as is sometimes perceived in the world of integration services. It’s a perfect match and truly makes us happy campers!

Once upon a time, when inQdo didn’t exist…

… people knew about ‘system integration’. But if they knew how to apply it: well… inQdo’s Managing Partners noticed that many companies used system integration in an inefficient manner. Therefore, soon after they founded inQdo, they developed inQdo connect. This Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is built with the webMethods suite of Software AG ánd runs on the AWS Cloud. A great combination, if you ask us.

inQdo connect’s environment runs on AWS and is therefore flexible and scalable. It’s biggest advance: its users pay a fixed price per interface and won’t be charged if they need more infrastructure. If they expect a (temporary) increase in their website’s traffic, they can easily scale up their environment – without having to pay anything extra.

AWS Cloud isn’t scary

We seized our moment at the Dutch webMethods User Group customer event. With a live-demo, we presented how relatively easy it is to deploy a webMethods environment on AWS: it just takes one mouse click. For comparison: if a company uses its own hardware, it needs to have extra hardware ánd internal capacity available to realize this process. We then showed that a deployment on AWS is very fast: setting up a webMethods environment on AWS can be realized within minutes. With traditional servers this takes at least a couple of days – if not weeks.

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